Maya Sharon

Research Student

Scientific Biography: My research explores the dialogue between literature and the visual arts, specifically the interrelations between poetry and its visual interpretation. My dissertation focuses on Victorian and early twentieth-century illustrations of S.T. Coleridge’s supernatural poems. It examines how illustration analysis illuminates our understanding of Coleridge’s aesthetic theory and further looks into how the dialogue between art and literature contributes to the poetics and canonization of Romanticism.

I completed my MA thesis at Tel Aviv University under Professor Rudolf Klein’s supervision on the dialogue between the abstract and the decorative language in nineteenth-century literature, nineteenth-century theories of the ornament, and modern architecture.

Fields of research and instruction (keywords): Romanticism, Romantic poetry, S.T. Coleridge, visual arts, comparative studies, illustrations, 19th-century art and literature, early 20th-century art and literature, word and image.