Amit Ben Ami

Research Student

Scientific Biography: My research follows the various ways in which Gertrude Stein, George Oppen, and Bernadette Mayer—three American poets each working in different periods of modern avant-garde experimentation—each take on the problem of representing reality (both subjective and material) in language. In my research, I will study the intimate relationships these poets had with the problem of language and reality, and analyze the poetic strategies they each developed in their paradoxical attempts to fabricate subjectivity within language.

Fields of research and instruction (keywords): The lyrical subject; American poetry; 20th century avant-garde; Gertrude Stein; George Oppen; Bernadette Mayer.


  • Stein, Gertrude. Poetry & Grammar. Introduction and translation into Hebrew by Amit Ben Ami, Dhak Press, 2021.