Prof. Wendy Sandler


Office: Floor 16, Eshkol Tower.

Office hours: by appointment.


Scientific biography: Wendy Sandler is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English Language and Literature, and Founding Director of the Sign Language Research Lab there.  She has developed models of sign language phonology and prosody that exploit general linguistic principles to reveal both the similarities and the differences at these levels of structure in natural languages in two modalities. With her colleagues, she is investigating the emergence of phonology, morphology, prosody, and other levels of grammar in the new sign language of a small, insular community with a high proportion of deaf members: Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language.  Sandler has authored or co-authored three books on sign language:Phonological Representation of the Sign(Foris);A Language in Space: The Story of Israeli Sign Languageco-authored with Irit Meir (Hebrew: University of Haifa Press; English version: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates); andSign Language and Linguistic Universals, coauthored with Diane Lillo-Martin (Cambridge University Press).

Fields of research & instruction (keywords): Sign Language Linguistics; Language Emergence; Phonology; Intonation; Prosody; Gesture.

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