Dr. Alex Feldman

Senior Lecturer – BA Advisor

Office: Floor 16, Room 1604, Eshkol Tower. 

Office hours: Thursdays — 10:00 – 11:00, or by appointment. 

Phone: 04-8249826

Internal: 3826

Email: bfeldman@univ.haifa.ac.il

Scientific biography: My research is primarily concerned with the representation of history, and most recently, legal history, on stage. My first book, Dramas of the Past on the Twentieth-Century Stage: In History’s Wings was published by Routledge in 2013, and I am currently working on two projects, a co-edited work, Terence Rattigan: New Critical Perspectives, under contract with Cambridge University Press, and a monograph entitled The Rigging of the Law, concerned with the development of jurisprudential drama in the modern and contemporary theatre. Examining representations of legal conflict, legal history, justice and human rights, The Rigging of the Law designates the major genres of jurisprudential drama, in the context of Law & Literature scholarship.

Fields of Research & Instruction (keywords): Modern British, American and European Drama; Law & Literature, Jurisprudential Drama, Theatre & the Law; Shakespeare; Jacobean & Early Modern Drama; Modernism; Twentieth-Century Literature; Charles Dickens; Oscar Wilde; T. S. Eliot; Tennessee Williams. 



    • Dramas of the Past on the Twentieth-Century Stage: In History’s Wings (New York: Routledge, 2013)

Edited Books:

    • With Dan Rebellato, Terence Rattigan: New Critical Perspectives (under contract with Cambridge University Press)


    • “‘The world’s wildest and loveliest populated places’: Visions of the Tropic Imaginary in Herman Melville, Tennessee Williams and John Huston”, forthcoming in Partial Answers 20: 2 (Jan 2022)
    • “Locating Spender’s Trial of a Judge: Anglophone Verse Drama, German Expressionist Tragedy and the Temptations of Martyrdom” (forthcoming w. Modernism/ Modernity)
    • “‘As inspiring as the muses, as righteous as the Supreme Court’: The Trial of the Catonsville Nine and Jurisprudential Drama”, Modern Drama 63:3 (Winter 2020)
    • “A ‘Prentice-Knight in Days of Yore”: The Culture and Drama of Apprenticeship in Dickens’ Barnaby RudgeDickens Studies Annual 51: 2 (2020)
    • “‘With his own generation in his bones’: Claude C. H. Williamson and the Plagiarism of T. S. Eliot’s Shakespeare Criticism”, ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews, Online: May 2020, forthcoming in 34: 4 (2021)
    • “The Theatre of Culpability: Reading the Tricycle’s Tribunal Plays through the Trial of Adolf Eichmann”, Law, Culture and the Humanities, Online: May 2018, forthcoming in print.
    • “The Liberal Trial Play: Notes Towards the Formation of a Genre”, Comparative Drama 52:3 (Fall 2017)
    • “Currents in the Cross-Legal: Recontextualizing Rattigan’s The Winslow Boy”, New Theatre Quarterly, 31: 2 (May 2015)
    • “‘It Could Only Happen in England’: Law and the State of the Nation in the Plays of Terence Rattigan,” Law and Literature (Fall, 2014)
    • “All Wilde on the Western Front: Alan Bennett, Tom Stoppard and the Theatre of War”, Modern Drama 54.4 (Winter 2011)

Book Chapters:

    • “Rattigan and the Law”, in Dan Rebellato and Alex Feldman eds., Terence Rattigan: New Critical Perspectives (under contract at Cambridge University Press)
    • “The Beatitude of the Berrigans: Protest, Prophecy and Jurisprudential Drama”, in Subha Mukherji ed., Law and Poetics in Early Modern England and Beyond (forthcoming with Palgrave Macmillan)
    • “Oscar Wilde”, in David Kornhaber and James N. Loehlin eds., Tom Stoppard in Context (forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.)
    • ‘Historiographic Metatheatre: the formulation of a genre’ in Ruben Valdes Miyares and Carla Rodriguez Gonzalez eds., Culture and Power: The Plots of History in Performance (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009)

Personal website: https://alexfeldman.academia.edu/