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Home - The Department of English Language & Literature

The English Department is dynamic, growing, and constantly renewing and improving its programs. 
We offer a fully-accredited, three-year BA degree, as well as MA and Ph.D. programs. All lectures, readings, and assignments are in English. We pride ourselves on innovative programming and dedicated teaching, and our aim is to combine academic rigor with concern for the individual student. The department benefits from the University's modern computerized library which houses an ever-expanding collection of research materials and facilities.

We welcome applications and inquiries from all qualified Israelis as well as from potential foreign students.

Library of America: Special Collection

Useful Information:
Tentative Schedule  2016-2017 (in Hebrew):
B.A. - 1st year
B.A. - 2nd year
B.A. - 3rd year
Important information for 1st year students- BA
Registration and Student Info-2015 
Course List 2016-17 - will be forthcoming end August 2016

Program of Study

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