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Entrance Exams & Preparation Courses

iStock 837064622All candidates for the Department of English Language & Literature are required to take a written Entrance Exam. 

- The undergraduate entrance examination tests the candidates' written expression abilities and includes a 600-word essay (two and a half pages) on a general topic. The examinee must choose one topic or question out of three.

- Examination for entrance to the master's degree examines English writing and writing skills It does not require prior knowledge or expertise. The exam requires writing a 600-800-word essay that requires an analysis of a short literary text (poetry or prose) to be presented.
- The exam length is two hours. An ID must be brought to the exam. Undergraduate candidates may only bring a printed dictionary with them. All applicants may only apply for one examination date per year.
- The results of the exam will be posted on the student's personal portal, in the candidate status tab. No personal acceptance or rejection messages will be sent. After publishing the exam results, it will not be possible to dispute its results or see the exam paper.

Registration for the exam can be done via an online form, but only after having enrolled at the university - for the Department of English Language and Literature.

You can register for the exam through this website
**Please note: Registration for the exam must be done independently.
** Registration for the Study-Year 2020/2021 will be open starting from 23.01.2022.
** It is important to note that candidates (who do not have an appropriate Psychometric exam score) must successfully complete the Preparation Course held on behalf of the Department before being able to take the Departmental Entrance Exam.

Dates of the Upcoming Entrance Exams for the 2022/2023 Study Year:
 Date Day  Time  Notes
 22/03/2022  Tuesday 16:30 --
 26/06/2022 Friday 08:30 --
 14/08/2022 Sunday 08:30 --

** Concerned candidates should independently check this website in order to get the necessary info regarding exam location/s. Exam rooms are updated a week prior to the exam.
** All applicants who need accommodations during exams may contact the Department's Office via phone/email. Contact info is available here.

For your use, entrance exam examples:
pdf iconB.A. Entrance exam sample.
pdf iconM.A. Entrance exam sample.

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