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Ph.D. in English Literature

Chair of the Ph.D. Committee: Prof. Daphne Erdinst Vulcan.

The purpose of the studies: The purpose of the studies is to provide the student with independent research tools and guide him/her in the process of writing original scientific work.

Admission Requirements:
- Eligible to apply for a Ph.D. program Any master's degree (MA) in English Language and Literature from a recognized university in Israel or abroad, who has obtained a final grade of at least 86 in the Master's degree, At least 90 in the research thesis (thesis).
- Acceptance of the candidate is conditional upon finding a suitable supervisor from the faculty who expresses a willingness to guide the candidate in the dissertation and with the approval of the dissertation committee.
- Applicants from university graduates from abroad as well as graduates from affiliated universities in Israel who work with the approval of the Council for Higher Education will be required to pass the GRE exam successfully. See the Advanced Studies website.
- The departmental doctoral committee may reject a candidate, even if you have met the conditions mentioned above, if, in the committee's discretion, you will find it difficult to handle independent research.

MA level course in Literary Theory for Ph.D. in Literature One year, or equivalent, BA level course in a modern European language.

Application Instructions:
1. Declaration of intentions (definition of subject and research topic, research questions, theoretical background, etc.).
2. The consent of the designated supervisor in writing.
3. Two letters of recommendation from lecturers in an academic institution where s/he studied. One of the recommending lecturers will be the research thesis supervisor.
4. Scorecard sheets and photocopies of the first and second degrees.
5. Grading and evaluation of the research thesis.
6. Copy of the research thesis.
7. Hebrew and English CV
8. Summary of the research topic in English.

The normative duration for Ph.D. studies is 4 years.
Studies are divided into two stages:
Research phase A: The duration of studies in research phase A shall not exceed two years from the beginning of the study semester in which the student was accepted (including the summer semester). During this period of study, and no later than the end of the first academic year, the student will be required to complete the research proposal, obtain the supervisor's approval of the proposal and submit it for review by the Department committee, as well as meet other requirements imposed by the Department committee.
Research phase B: Duration of studies In research phase B shall be from the period of time between the end of research phase A and up to four years from the beginning of the semester in which the student was accepted for postgraduate studies. During this period of study, the student will be required to complete the writing of the doctoral dissertation, obtain the approval of the supervisor (and the accompanying committee, if appointed), the approval of the Departmental committee, and submit their work to the Advanced Studies Authority for judging.

Submission of a doctoral dissertation: Upon completion of the research project, the work will be submitted with the signature of the supervisor(s) to the Departmental Committee. After a check is made that the student has completed all his/her duties as required by the standards, the work will be forwarded to the Advanced Studies Authority for judging in accordance with the procedures.
For further information, please contact the department office, or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Direct Ph.D. track
- A candidate who wishes to enroll as a full-time student in a direct track to the Dr. must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized higher education institution in Israel or abroad, who obtained his bachelor's degree in both of his/her majors with an average of at least 90.
- The student must submit a statement of intentions for the dissertation, a CV in Hebrew and English, a supervisor's consent, recommendations, scoresheets and a summary of the research topic in English.
- The department may require a personal interview or entrance exam.

Studies structure:
A. Completion of courses, with a numerical grade, of at least 28 hours-per-week at the MA level, and completion of these courses with a weighted grade of at least 90.
B. Submission of two seminar assignments The student must obtain at least 90 marks in each of the two seminar assignments.
C. Prerequisites for a transition from the first year to the second year are completion of courses, with a numerical grade of at least 16 hours-per-week , completion of these courses with a  weighted grade of at least 90, and submission of seminar work that has been graded at least 90.
D. Submit a Ph.D. proposal no later than the beginning of the fourth semester of study.

The duration of these assignments is two years.
Upon approval of the doctoral research proposal, and meeting all the curriculum requirements as above, the student will move on to the status of a Ph.D. student, within which s/he will conduct the research and write the dissertation.
The duration of the studies for writing a dissertation is three years.
A student in the direct Ph.D. program will receive a certified certificate as part of the direct Ph.D. program at the university as soon as the doctoral research proposal is approved, and the requirements of the direct Ph.D. program are fulfilled as described above.

Pre-Research Studies Track
This track is intended for candidates who have completed their master's degree without a research thesis.

A. Master's degree from a recognized institution of higher education in Israel or abroad, with a final grade of at least 86.
B. Written consent from a supervisor who will agree to guide the candidate in the research thesis.

Track Requirements:
A. Completing the research thesis.
B. If necessary, adherence to the curriculum which may be assigned by the Departmental Committee for Ph.D. studies.
Graduation in this course does not constitute an automatic acceptance for the Ph.D. degree.